City to see a lot of income from tournament

City to see a lot of income from tournament

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - The city is working hard to prepare for the 4A State Tournament that’s going to be hosted at the Southside School District.

The state title is up for grabs for soccer, baseball and softball teams.

The tournament starts Thursday, May 9 and the city predicts 3,000 people to come to Batesville.

Tourism Director Kyle Christopher says both the school and businesses in the surrounding area are going to be benefitting from the tournament.

“We will end up paying the district $20 for every hotel stay the event brings and that really helps the school district,” Christopher said. “These events are really hard to put on. It takes a lot of resources and a lot of staff time and so to give them that little bounce back it’s a good feeling.”

A total of 56 teams are coming to compete, and Christopher said he predicts there to be $200,000 spent among those visiting.

“When you bring in an extra 3,000 visitors into are here for multiple days, they’re staying here, eating here, shopping here, that’s a huge impact,” Christopher said. “That’s a huge surge of people coming to town.”

The city said they’re looking forward to the new faces being in the city seeing what all they have to offer.

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