County judge concerned with findings so far in flood study

County judge concerned with findings so far in flood study

RANDOLPH COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - In Randolph County, a flood study that officials hoped would provide a major solution has instead raised the major question of how quorum court members want to proceed.

The Army Corps of Engineers are in the middle of conducting a study to figure out how to prevent the flooding that Randolph County experienced in 2017.

Of the $400,000 expected to complete the study, the corps has spent $100,000 of its own dollars, and County Judge David Jansen said the findings so far don’t look promising.

"Now they've come back and they're really struggling to find a solution, a feasible solution," Jansen said.

So before the corps starts spending any of the county’s or city’s money, Judge Jansen is taking the information to the quorum court.

They’ve got a few options. Those include continuing the study, which may end up costing double what was expected, changing the study classification, which may open up more funding options, but they are more difficult to get, or ending the study completely and start looking at flood proofing measures.

Judge Jansen said he’ll update the entire quorum court Thursday night, and he plans to reconvene with the corps to make a decision on May 14.

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