Cleaning up the streets, one knuckle boom at a time

Cleaning up the streets, one knuckle boom at a time

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Members of the community and the city of Jonesboro have worked together for 15 years to make a difference on Jonesboro’s streets, and they’ve done so by simply cleaning them up.

Saturday’s cleanup makes for the first one of the year. The groups typically go out and clean about four times a year.

Patrick Street to Highway 141 and Johnson to Bell Street were the emphasized areas for Saturday’s cleanup.

Rev. Dr. Charles Coleman spearheaded the cleanup and said there’s one goal in mind.

“We want to keep the city clean and want to keep our area clean,” Coleman said. “The only sad part about it is I wish people would do a lot of this throughout the year, not just wait for the city to get things going but to do things for their own.”

However, there have been changes made over the years especially in the way they clean up the streets.

“The last time, we had a lot of kids out helping clean up, we found more needles than we thought and so we decided when we do our cleanups this time that we’d just use the Code Enforcement trucks,” Coleman said.”

Now, only knuckle booms pick up the garbage and volunteers work in other ways.

The next section to be cleaned up will be done in late July or early August of 2019.

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