Therapy dog featured in Mid-South school’s yearbook

Therapy dog featured in Mid-South school’s yearbook

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - He’s among the top dogs at Lausanne Collegiate School, and he’s pretty popular with the ladies.

So popular, that he got his own spot in the yearbook - a photo that took four hours of grooming to prepare for.

Students say Sammy Cooper, the school's therapy dog, is joyful and soothing.

"Sometimes he'll just come up to our table like when we're working and we'll just like reach down and give him a little pet," Mackenzie Mink said.

"A lot of the times when I'm taking a really important test I have him in my lap," Abby Trott said.

Sammy rules the halls of the school.

"He has beds all over the middle school. He kinda stays mainly in the 7th grade hallway, but he'll go walk upstairs to the 8th grade, or they'll come and get him. All any kid has to do is request him," learning specialist Julie Cooper said.

Cooper started bringing Sammy to school with her eight years ago and he was an instant hit.

"Last year, the administration said, you know, why don't we make this official and get him certified, so he has paper work," Cooper said.

The upper school kids have their own therapy dog as well - a golden-doodle named Willow.

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