Several items up for discussion at Hoxie city council meeting

Several items up for discussion at Hoxie city council meeting
(Source: KAIT)

HOXIE, Ark. (KAIT)- Several items were up for debate at the Hoxie city council meeting Tuesday.

Among those items: adding Mayor Dennis Coggins to the city credit card in place of the former mayor.

Coggins told Region 8 News he realized it was not done after recently trying to use the card for the first time.

Another topic discussed included a general fund miscalculation, which made it appear as though the city’s cleanup ordinance surpassed its intended budget by more than $31,000.

Coggins said money initially intended for the water department account was placed in the wrong account.

After investigating the matter further, receipts provided a paper trail showing the money was transferred to the proper account.

Also discussed was a new statewide ordinance passed this legislative session mandating all Arkansas cities to record city council meetings, which goes into effect in June.

Coggins also addressed the status on the transition into the new city hall with the expectation of having a grand opening for the public on June 1.

In addition, council members were informed about someone expressing interest in purchasing the old city hall to convert into a doughnut shop/garage.

Mayor Coggins told Region 8 News the council would revisit the issue at later date.

Another item on the agenda focused on the demolition of the only traffic light in town after previous studies showed it was not needed.

So far, the cheapest bid is $4,000 to tear down the light, but the council is looking for a cheaper option.

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