Mural springs up in community garden

Mural springs up in community garden

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) -Students stepped out of the classroom on Thursday to make a community garden more beautiful, with paintbrushes.

Kids from the MicroSociety Magnet School spent their morning painting a mural in the Birdsong Garden in West Jonesboro.

A-State Graphic Design Major Beth Ann Shadwick designed the mural in the garden.

“My Freshman year of college,” Shadwick said. “My professor came to me and talked to me about doing a mural for MicroSociety. I had done a project in her class that was a cityscape. In my cityscape it had huge sunflowers, so she wanted something kind of like that. So, I designed the whole thing. Came and measured it out.”

The project has been a collaborative effort between the West End Neighborhood Association, A-State and MicroSociety.

Students from MicroSociety Magnet School spent their morning painting mural.
Students from MicroSociety Magnet School spent their morning painting mural. (Source: KAIT-TV)

Shadwick said after investing two years of her life into this, it meant a lot to see students from MicroSociety help her complete the mural.

“I think it’s so great that the kids came and started painting,” Shadwick said. “It’s so good to see the youth into the art. And just the fact that they’re having so much fun with it really makes my heart happy. Because going to college and being an art major, it’s like you love seeing the younger generation get into what you’re doing now and maybe even follow in your footsteps at A-State.”

Elementary Art Teacher at MicroSocity David Mason said they selected 12 students to take part in the project based on their responsibility, hard work, talent and effort they had put into their art classes.

“I tell all of my students that everyone has the ability to create successful works of art,” Mason said. “Anytime they can get a real-world application to that and especially community based where it’s a performance event of talent of sorts is a good thing.”

Student hard at work painting mural.
Student hard at work painting mural. (Source: KAIT-TV)

Fifth grade student Logan Cassulis said he’s always loved painting and the community garden means something to him.

“I used to come to this garden two years ago to plant stuff,” Cassulis said. “Now, it’s looking really pretty. I’m learning working together you can get stuff done.”

Mason said he hope the students take away the knowledge that they can make a difference in their community.

“I want them to remember that they can play a part,” Mason said. “With whatever ability they have they can play a part and contribute and especially in a community setting. You know, right here, at home.”

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