Suspected burglar enters building, strips naked, steals nothing

Video shows suspected burglar leaving building naked

TACOMA, Wash. (KIRO/CNN) - Police in Washington are looking for a man in connection to at least five break-ins in the last several months.

In one such break-in, the man strips naked after entering a building.

That revealing incident was caught on surveillance camera.

Surveillance video shows the incident from last Saturday.

The building owners said the stranger wasn’t supposed to be there and got the door code somehow.

The man quickly got into the building with what appears to be a screwdriver and cell phone in hand.

"In the hour and a half, he would go upstairs and back downstairs," said one of the building owners.

The building owners said what he did next frightened them. They did not want their faces shown or give names.

Video shows the man walk into camera view a third time, shirtless, concealing what looks like a large knife behind his back.

Video then shows him try the door to a business, and later re-appear naked.

“This one is over the top for me,” said one of the business owners.

Police have launched a burglary investigation.

They have connected the man, whose name they do know, to at least five break-ins in the downtown Tacoma area in the last several months, businesses and residences.

“I’ve been in that community over 20 years, and I’ve never experienced this type of feeling before,” said the building owner.

Police said while his behavior inside the building has been suspicious, he hasn’t stolen anything and hasn’t confronted or hurt anyone.

His motives not fully clear.

The building owner said the man came back two days later but couldn't get in because they'd changed the door code.

She said she has not slept well, her sense of security shattered.

"I don't want people to feel unsafe coming down there so it's a really fine line for me, but yet I feel a sense of obligation that people need to know," the building owner said.

Police said the man in the video does not have a history of violence but has an arrest warrant for trespassing.

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