Thursday’s GMR8 Foxhole with Trey & Jim

Thursday's GMR8 Foxhole 05-16-19

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (KAIT/ABC NEWS) - You are never too old to experience something for the first time.

Margaret Platner turned 100-years-old in March and wanted to try ziplining.

She had to go through a couple of steps before she was ready to hit the ropes.

Platner had to complete physical therapy to strengthen her legs in preparation.

With a little help, she was able to complete the course, something she did not expect.

She had a piece of advice for all ages.

“Just think of it as the way I can stretch myself and do what I can do. Don’t stop thinking I`m old and I can`t do something so I just keep doing it,” said Platner. “I think God has a purpose for each of us.”

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