First responders train for tomorrow’s emergencies

'Stop the Bleeding' emergency training

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - An area organization works to educate and prepare law enforcement and first responders for the worst in the job.

Saturday’s training saw 40 students from Kentucky, Tennessee and all across Arkansas, take part in the training from Stop the Bleeding Foundation.

Police officers, firefighters and paramedics received training for different real-life scenarios.

The organization is run solely by volunteers who have helped make a difference.

Dr. Spencer Guinn, president and co-founder of Stop the Bleeding, said their impact can be seen each day on police forces all around the area.

“Last year, we trained almost 1,000 police officers and firefighters,” Guinn said. “We hope to get another thousand this year.”

Those who have completed the training are grateful.

“We receive at least one email a week now from former students that have used this training and used the equipment to save someone’s life,” Guinn said.

Those who complete the program receive free equipment, including a $150 first-aid kit, they can use in emergency situations.

Guinn said when the equipment is used, the organization will issue another set for free.

“Over 95 percent have been used on normal people like me and you who are involved in some sort of unfortunate accident,” Guinn said. “Now, you have trained all over the state and all over the region who can potentially save your life or a family member’s life.”

Guinn hopes to start training civilians to help assist first responders before and while they’re on the scene of an accident.

You can contact Guinn at for more information on classes and how to sign up.

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