Greene Co. Quorum Court updating employee drug testing policy

Medical Marijuana Ordinance for Greene Co.

GREENE COUNTY, Ark. (KAIT) - Greene County’s Quorum Court is updating their procedures on their officials’ medical marijuana use.

In Monday night’s meeting, members will decide on passing the changes made to the county’s drug testing.

The ordinance reads as follows:

Greene County marijuana ordinance coming up for vote
Greene County marijuana ordinance coming up for vote (Source: Greene County Judge's office)

Greene County Judge Rusty McMillon said it’s important to make changes when they are needed.

“It was something that was important for all of the governmental entities to look at," McMillon said. "Look at how their policies read and what ways they should govern that.”

McMillon said the ordinance would keep the county up to date on the newest medical marijuana laws.

“This is just a measure to make sure that we’re in compliance with the law,” McMillon said. “That we’re not showing any discrimination for someone that utilizes medical marijuana or takes care of somebody that uses medical marijuana.”

He said the county does not want any paid workers using medical marijuana on the job to avoid problems.

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