Snake slithers into home, helps father teach kids about snakes

Dad teaches kids about snakes

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Mo. (KAIT) -With summer around the corner, snakes are coming out in full throttle.

One family near Mountain View, Missouri knows this all too well after a couple of black snakes visited their home.

Phillip Haumesser was on his way home from work when his wife called in a panic.

She and their three children found a 6.5 foot black snake sitting inside one of their bedrooms.

Haumesser was able to remove the snake from the home and decided it was a good opportunity to teach his children the difference between venomous and non-venomous snakes.

"I told them don't ever just pick one up, come find mom and dad if you find a snake," said Haumesser.

As Haumesser continued to teach his kids, his wife came across another black snake, this one a foot longer than the first.

The parents believe the smell of duck and chicken eggs on the property is what attracted the snakes.

After the lesson concluded, the snakes were released into the woods behind their home.

The family said their days of snake catching are likely just the beginning.

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