A Better Region 8: Let’s hear what Team Jonesboro has to say

A Better Region 8: Let's hear what Team Jonesboro has to say

(KAIT) -Last week, Region 8 News broke the story of a group of citizens called “Team Jonesboro” that plans to pitch a one-cent sales tax to the Jonesboro city council.

Since we’ve posted the story on social media, we are saddened but not shocked at all the negative comments.

While no one from “Team Jonesboro,” will talk beforehand, that didn’t stop a large number of you to dismiss the group as a whole, dismiss their ideas, and complain about everything under the sun: roads, railroad crossings, restaurants, the Waltons, et cetera, et cetera.

This is what’s wrong with social media: the utter negativity that spawned by people without ever knowing or caring about the facts or waiting to hear the full pitch.

The City of Jonesboro does have a quality of life problem when we compare ourselves to northwest Arkansas or other parts of the country.

We must change to make it more appealing for our kids to want to stay and to attract those looking for high-paying jobs.

When Fayetteville brings in over $6 million more than the city of Jonesboro, and it’s roughly the same size, there is a problem, and it needs to be addressed.

We applaud “Team Jonesboro,” which is willing to raise their hands and ask, “How can I help?” instead of being “keyboard warriors” and just complaining.

If you hear them out, “Team Jonesboro” might have some good ideas that will make this A Better Region 8.

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