Community improvement task force suggests creating a land bank commission

Osceola City Council considers creating land bank

OSCEOLA, Ark. (KAIT) - A community improvement task force group is looking for ways revamp the city of Osceola.

After some research and input from officials in Jonesboro, their latest idea is to create a land bank commission for the city.

The whole purpose is to restore old, dilapidated properties throughout the town.

The group is hoping to acquire houses mostly through donations.

Once properties are owned by the city, officials want to work with area jails to get inmates needing community service hours to do some of the work they would otherwise have to pay for.

Then, once a house is restored, the land bank would sell it for money to continue to the next project.

"And it gives the chance to bring new life into those properties, into those streets, and into the neighborhoods where they are," Mayor Sally Wilson said.

The ordinance saw its second reading at Monday night's city council meeting.

One of the council members asked for an amendment, taking commercial properties off, wanting to focus more on residential properties.

That motion was passed, and the ordinance will hear its third reading and be voted on at the next city council meeting in June.

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