$8,000 donation buys new vests for police department

$8,000 donation buys new vests for police department

CHEROKEE VILLAGE, Ark. (KAIT) - Thanks to one person’s kind donation, the Cherokee Village Police Department will have all new protective vests for every officer.

The donation started with a man Chief Ricky Crook thought was simply interested in learning about bullet proof vests.

The man started asking questions about why the officers wear the vests, how many officers were with the department and how much it would cost to give them each a new vest.

Once he finished asking questions, he wrote a check for $8,000.

“It’s exceptional and we’re fortunate here in Cherokee Village," Crook said. "We have a lot of citizens that really care about the community care about the department and the city and they’re really giving.”

Chief Crook said the man wishes to stay anonymous, but mentioned he’s a long-time resident and veteran.

The protective vests have a lifespan of about five years, and the department’s current vests are now in need of replacement. So, the timing of this donation was perfect.

The department hopes to start getting measurements and ordering the new vests soon.

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