Mango’s to close following recent shooting

Fight early Friday morning ended with one person being shot

Bar shooting injures man

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Mango's Grill in Jonesboro is closed following an incident in the business's parking lot.

According to the Mangos JB Facebook page, Mango’s would be closed effective Friday.

Jonesboro police officers roped off parts of Oxford Square early Friday morning as they looked for clues in the shooting.
Jonesboro police officers roped off parts of Oxford Square early Friday morning as they looked for clues in the shooting. (Source: KAIT)

Early Friday morning, Jonesboro officers found a shooting victim on South Caraway Road.

They said the calls first began around 1:40 a.m. about a fight on the Mango’s Cafe parking lot.

Officers also heard shots when they arrived at the scene.

They eventually found the man shot in the parking lot of Backyard Burgers, a block away.

Those officers treated the victim at the scene before an ambulance took him to St. Bernards Medical Center.

According to Sally Smith, public information specialist for the Jonesboro Police Department, the victim told detectives he tried to break up a fight. He said someone shoved him and he shoved back and was then shot twice. Smith told Region 8 News that the victim is listed in stable condition.

Officers haven’t made an arrest, but Jonesboro police said their Criminal Investigation Department has started their investigation.

Mango's said part of the decision to close was based on a recent decision by JPD to pull the off-duty employment at Mangos.

The owner said the reason was not communicated.

“As this is a huge safety risk we will not jeopardize the safety of this great community until we reach a resolution with JPD,” the business said in its post on Facebook.

Approximately 1:40 a.m,.dispatch was notified of a fight on the Mango's Cafe parking lot. When JPD officers arrived on...

Posted by Jonesboro Police Department on Friday, May 24, 2019

“There is a lot of memories to be cherished! We started Mangos together and it grew to be the place most of you came to celebrate with family and friends,” the post said. “I am forever thankful to you for your support and business. I will keep you updated on what to come next.”

The follow is a letter submitted by Mango’s Grill to the Jonesboro Police Department:

“I am sending this letter in the hopes that you will reconsider your decision to pull the off-duty employment of the Jonesboro Police Department at Mangos on Friday and Saturday nights. I am worried that by pulling your officers from working at Mangos that the citizens of Jonesboro, as well as the employees of Mangos, will be at a greater risk of something terrible happening that could have been prevented by just the presence of your officers. The safety of Mangos customers is my top priority and I implore you to reconsider your decision until a final decision is made from the ABC.”

Previous issues at Mango’s Cafe

According to Region 8 News records, the business has a history with the Alcohol Beverage and Control board.

In July 2018, the ABC fined them for promoting liquor in a dry county.

The board asked the business to pay a $200 fine and placed it on a 60-day probation for the violation.

Just 3 months later, the board fined the business again for what characterized as failing to be a “good neighbor.”

Mango’s Cafe learned it had to pay a $2,200 fine.

The board also placed the business on a one-year probation.

We reported in October 2018 that online documents stated the club is accused of furnishing alcoholic beverages to a minor, allowing non-members, furnishing alcohol to an intoxicated person, and “failure to be a good neighbor.”

Scott Hardin, spokesperson for the Department of Finance and Administration, told Region 8 News via email on Friday that ABC Enforcement agents will conduct an investigation to determine if violations took place during Friday’s incident.

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