Doctors want office at site of former church on Main Street

Doctors want office at site of former church on Main Street
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Scott McDaniel on behalf of Dr. Spencer Guinn, appeared before the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission Meeting Tuesday to ask for a sidewalk exemption on a new doctor's office they're planning to build.

McDaniel told the commission he represented Dr. Guinn on the new Jonesboro Orthopedics and Sports Medicine office site, and they're wanting to make the Church Street sidewalk 4-feet instead of the standard 6-feet.

McDaniel said they were not asking for a full exemption, but a waiver to be allowed to build the backside sidewalk on Church Street 4-feet wide, and pay a waiver-fee for the remaining 2-feet of sidewalk they wouldn't build.

At some point along the sidewalk, there are CWL power poles, that CWL stated they would not move.

One of the committee members stated there were Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), specifications that they would still have to meet if they got the waiver for a 4-foot sidewalk.

The MAPC declined to approve any waiver for the project, and McDaniel asked for advice on how they need to go forward. The MAPC said they’d have to discuss the issue further.

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