Don’t let summer fun become a tragedy

Tips to prevent your child from drowning

How to prevent loved ones from drowning

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Kids are busy playing in lakes and pools, but aren’t aware of the dangers that go right along with the fun.

Just a few days ago, a child nearly drowned at the Jonesboro Pool and Recreation Center.

Pediatrician Adam Hurst with St. Bernards Children’s Clinic said Arkansas has high drowning statistics.

“Arkansas was the seventh highest state with drowning deaths,” he said.

There’s danger, he added, even in the smallest depths of water.

“You can drown in any small amount of water,” Hurst said. “I think some people would say about four inches of water is enough to drown in.”

According to Hurst, prevention keeps kids safe when around water.

“You just have to be on the ready when you’re on the water,” Hurst said. “That prevention can try to minimize and decrease the number of drownings.”

Here are tips to keep kids safe:

  • Pool alarms alert when water is breached
  • Fences, gates, barriers keep kids out
  • Have life jackets ready along with pool safety rings
  • Keep floats, toys out of pool to not be enticed
  • Always have someone watching kids

Learning CPR and taking children to swimming lessons in Jonesboro can prevent drowning accidents.

CPR Classes

American RED Cross: 1-800-733-2767 or

Heart Saver Classes at St. Bernards

Brandon Haley 897-7028 or 207-4988

Swimming Lessons

Jonesboro Parks and Recreation 933-4604

Paragould Community Center 870-239-7530

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