#NotFightingAlone: Blake Anderson updates Wendy’s fight at A-State Coaches Caravan

#NotFightingAlone: Blake Anderson updates Wendy’s fight at A-State Coaches Caravan

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KAIT) - The Arkansas State Coaches Caravan rolled deep into central Arkansas Monday evening. You name a leader of a Red Wolves sport and they were there at the ASU System Office.

Blake Anderson was one of them. The head football coach was asked by the Little Rock media to provide an update on his wife Wendy’s fight with cancer.

“We’re in the middle of chemo, which everybody knows is not fun. We’re just battling a day at a time, we’ve appreciated everybody’s support. It’s really overwhelming. But we’re midway through that, probably got 5 or 6 more treatments of that every 2 or 3 weeks. I would just tell you it’s a daily grind. She’s inspired me how tough she’s been, and how she’s handled it. Think we’ve seen an improvement in how she’s breathing, which is just a big answer to prayer. We’ll probably have an update in another couple weeks. We’ll get some more information, and kinda know exactly where we’re at.”

Last fall, Wendy Anderson was diagnosed with Stage 4 triple negative breast cancer.

On December 12th, Coach Anderson said the disease had metastasized in the lymph nodes, liver, and lungs.

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