A Better Region 8: Blocking unwanted calls

A Better Region 8: Blocking unwanted calls

(KAIT) -Some good news for anyone who's received an unwanted robocall on their cell phone: Last week, the Federal Communications Commission announced changes that will allow phone providers the ability to block those calls.

Last month alone, the call blocking company You Mail estimated there were 4.7 billion, that’s billion with a “B,” robocalls in the U-S.

That’s 14 unwanted calls for every man, woman, and child in just one month.

The biggest hurdle for cell providers is differentiating between wanted and unwanted calls from a number that has never or rarely calls.

For example, your child’s school’s automated calling system telling you no school tomorrow.

Cell phone companies do not want to be held liable if they mistakenly block a call you wanted.

The government is discussing that ‘safe harbor’ now.

The F-C-C’s rule change doesn’t spell out that the default blocking feature will be a ‘free’ service. The agency says it expects most, if not all cell providers to add the service at no charge.

We shall see.

Bottom line, the technology isn’t perfect but it’s a start to the biggest complaint the F-C-C gets from the American public.

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