Car dealer helps school get new Driver’s Education cars

Car dealer helps school get new Driver’s Education cars
Baldwin Automotive Group loans cars to Poplar Bluff High School (Source: Poplar Bluff High School)

POPLAR BLUFF, MO. (KAIT) - Baldwin Automotive Group has loaned a pair of 2018 Ford Escapes for students to use in the Driver’s Education program at Poplar Bluff High School.

The SUVs will replace older model cars owned by the school district, and repurposed in previous years to operate the summer school program.

Baldwin Automotive even purchased and installed passenger-side brake kits for the sport utility vehicles, according to instructor Charley Harper.

“It’s a great program for kids, no question about it,” commented Baldwin General Manager Bruce Hutson, who helped facilitate the partnership.

Driver’s Ed, which runs through June, serves around 70 high schoolers beginning at age 15. After participating in a series of classroom lectures, the student drivers spend four days behind the wheel with one of the instructors in order to complete the road safety course.

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