City tackles junk to boost civic pride

City works on junk issue, provide pride in town, police chief says

WYNNE, Ark. (KAIT) - City leaders say cleaning up the junk around town will give residents a reason to be proud.

During their meeting Tuesday, June 11, the Wynne City Council approved Ordinance 826 which cracks down on everything from car graveyards, junkyards and even those who just have junk in their yard.

It was passed with the idea that residents should love the community they are in.

“It’s about pride, it’s about wanting people to come to our community and live," said Police Chief Jackie Clark. “And, when you drive through a neighborhood thinking man this is a pretty cool town.”.

Those who violate th3 ordinance can be found guilty of a misdemeanor and fined $100.

Clark said many people just start with one junk car, then more and more junk is added over the years.

According to the ordinance, people can keep their junk as long as it’s out of sight. However, fencing, plants and natural objects must meet city policy in order to be in good standing.

The chief also mentioned although there won’t be any taxpayer money dedicated to clearing junk, the city will work with residents by connecting them to scrap yards or even picking up the junk that they placed on the curb.

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