County officials focus on ways to increase population growth

County officials focus on ways to increase population growth

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, Ark. (KAIT) - After investing millions of dollars into creating new jobs, Mississippi County officials are now focusing on recruiting people to fill them.

In the county judge's push for population growth, he said they've set up a committee made up of young people throughout the county with the sole focus of developing a plan to recruit people to Mississippi County.

They’re targeting a large group of people, whether that’s well-educated individuals with a solid career path who can continue working within the county or people just getting started who are looking to increase their skill set.

The committee plans to work with the Economic Development Foundation and a consulting group to come up with ideas that will make Mississippi County more appealing to job seekers.

“We thought now that we’re winners in job creation, we’ll focus in on growing our community,” County Judge John Nelson said.

There are some individual communities in the county, he said, that are seeing population growth, like Manila and Wilson.

The committee will look to those as examples of how to help the entire county.

Right now, there is no timeline on when the team and consulting group will have a plan developed and ready to make some changes.

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