County officials propose new subdivision ordinance to help clear up confusion

A look at the proposed subdivision ordinance

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, Ark. (KAIT) - Rough roads throughout Craighead County have homeowners reaching out to officials to fix the problem, but County Judge Marvin Day has found that many of the the roads in question are not actually county roads.

It’s an ongoing issue that county officials are seeing: roads owned by developers not being kept up properly.

It has homeowners frustrated and reaching out to the county for help. But officials say these roads aren’t the county’s responsibility, they’re the developers'.

An ordinance that stands right now outlines minimum requirements for developers building subdivisions.

But, it doesn’t give the county much room to enforce them, leaving the burden on the homeowners.

Judge Day said they're working on a new ordinance that will hopefully benefit all three parties.

“So we want everything to be above the board and very clear, this is what we’re looking for, this is the quality of a product that we expect from you, so they know what their costs should be in that,” Day said. “Also, on the homeowners side, they know they’re going to have a good lot and it’s going to be developed well, and for the county, we’re not going to be spending taxpayer dollars fixing a substandard road that was not done well the first time,”

The key difference in the proposed ordinance is the county will require developers to have an insurance policy.

So, if developers don't finish their project, the county can file on that policy to get the money to complete it properly.

The ordinance has been passed through the road committee and will see its first reading at the next quorum court meeting.

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