Several new businesses come to Sharp County

Several new businesses come to Sharp County

SHARP COUNTY, Ark. (KAIT) - Several cities in Sharp County are seeing new businesses come to the area.

Ethan Barnes is the president of the Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce.

He said the community has been slowly recovering from a tornado that hit the area in 2008.

“It’s taken some while to see businesses recover from that,” said Barnes.

It’s been over a decade, but businesses are finally returning to the Quad-Cities.

“This area was designed for people to come in and take advantage of what the Natural State has to offer," said Barnes, "So Hardy and Cherokee Village and Ash Flat and Highland are very much alive, and we’re welcoming new investors each and every day.”

A few of the new businesses include a new Thai restaurant and an Artisan Grill restaurant in Ash Flat.

Bob and Sandy’s Beach Club BBQ has reopened in Hardy, and a Casey’s General Store is being built in the Cherokee Village area.

Also, a new go-cart track was announced and has started construction in Highland, and the old bowling alley in Ash Flat is being renovated and is set to open in August.

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