A Better Region 8: Star Spangled Banner

A Better Region 8: Star Spangled Banner

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - We announced a few days ago that KAIT will return to its roots and end our broadcast day that’s just before midnight, and play our national anthem.

But, after some consideration and knowing the Star Spangled Banner is played before ballgames and other events, we decided that it should start our broadcast day.

So, beginning Monday, the National Anthem will be played at 4:30 a.m., just before the start of Good Morning Region 8. You may have already seen this version. It’s been on KAIT8.com and our Facebook page for several days.

It's performed by the amazingly talented nine-year-old named Reina Ozbay. Stations across the country owned by Gray Television, KAIT's parent company, will air this rendition. When we made the announcement, most of the comments were positive. Some were not. That's okay.

As a station and company, we decided it just made sense.

It’s nice to live in a land where we can disagree, challenge our government leaders, and not worry about whether or not we will end up in jail.

So we will air the National Anthem to show our appreciation to the people who defend our freedom and to be thankful we call America home.

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