A Better Region 8: Thank you to those who help victims of assault

A Better Region 8 - A 'Thank You' to those that help assault victims

(KAIT) -Last week the White River Women's Shelter opened its doors in a new building.

The building had previously been the Jackson County Sheriff’s office.

It’s been reworked to be a safe haven for men, women, and their children escaping domestic abuse, sexual assault, and elder care abuse.

The shelter will serve residents in Jackson, Lawrence, Randolph, Sharp, and Woodruff counties.

We are grateful to have a shelter open to all victims.

According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline about one in four women, that’s about 25 percent, and nearly one in nine men, that’s about 14 percent, will be victims of severe domestic abuse by a partner.

That can be a difficult situation to be in if you have children and nowhere but the streets to go.

The best part of this expanded shelter is community support.

Everything from the building, to furniture, to the food is all donated.

We do our best to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault.

But when it happens, it’s nice to know neighbors are there to help get you through it.

Thank you to those who help and donate to this important cause.

You make this a better Region Eight.

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