Man calls police after luring suspect onto a ‘romantic date’

“... I ain’t hiding; I didn’t do that ...,” she posts on Facebook

Man calls police after luring suspect onto a ‘romantic date’
BOOKED: Crystal Shanette Flanagan, 37, one count of possessing more than 50 items of identifying information [Source: Texarkana, Texas, Police Department]

TEXARKANA, Texas (KSLA) - Just when you think you’ve heard it all, social media proves to be the downfall of yet another alleged criminal.

Now her story is all the rage on Facebook and in Texarkana, Texas.

On Friday, police there posted that they were looking for 37-year-old Crystal Shanette Flanagan.

Later the same day, she was on Facebook responding to people’s comments on the Police Department’s post.

“... I ain’t hiding; I didn’t do that ...,” she says.

Police, channeling Motel 6 ads, responded: “Stop by the Bi-State for a visit. We’ll leave the light on for ya. 💡”

Then came Sunday, when “a fine citizen of Texarkana used social media to lure her into what she thought was going to be a romantic date and drove her to an open area,” police said.

Instead, he went into the business and called police to come serve their warrant.

“Much to her surprise (and probably disappointment), her date ended at the Bi-State Jail’s penthouse suite! 😂😂😂”

Flanagan is accused of having more than 50 items of identifying information.

The charge arises from the search of a hotel room that Flanagan was renting in late May.

Police reported finding copies of people’s Social Security cards and driver’s licenses, credit card readers, printers and more than 250 stolen blank checks.

“Unfortunately, she left before we got there and she has repeatedly refused to come talk to us about the case,” police posted Friday.

Flanagan also goes by the names Crystal Shanette Derrick, Crystal Shanette Moore, Crystal Moore and Crystal Shanette Moore.

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