Older Greene County roads are getting fixed up

Older Greene County roads are getting fixed up

GREENE COUNTY, Ark. (KAIT) - Work to improve county roads is done by working together and allocating resources.

Greene County Judge Rusty McMillon worked to secure funding with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to pave two county roads.

The Marine Fuel Tax grant was given to Greene County because of where they needed paved roads.

County roads 101 and 104 lead to Lake Ashbaugh, meaning it qualified for the grant.

The tax grant allows for roads to be repaved that lead to hunting access spots, lakes or Game and Fish hunting ground.

McMillon has been working with the organization since 2016 and is now seeing progress to the needed county road.

“It was in pretty bad shape,” he said. “A lot of compromised areas as far as the foundation was concerned. A lot of potholes and rough areas on it.”

The road is highly traveled during hunting seasons and over time has gotten in bad shape.

“It was in such poor shape that it needed a lot of attention,” McMillon said. “We felt like the best use of the funding was for this large of a project. To get this road built back up.”

McMillon said he expects the county roads to be completed in two days and looks forward to the next county road project.

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