Burglar steals camera that continues to film him in the act, authorities say

Authorities share video of burglary suspect taking surveillance camera that continues to run

HAUGHTON, La. (KSLA) - He stole a surveillance camera, and it continued operating as he brought it home.

Bossier Parish authorities say it happened June 15 in Haughton.

That’s where a man is accused of stealing a paint brush and a surveillance camera from his neighbor.

Problem is, authorities say, the camera still was recording when he got home with it.

A homeowner, who said he had just installed the camera, received an alert on his phone that someone was in his garage.

He also saw someone taking things.

The homeowner recognized the man as his neighbor and could see that a paint brush and the surveillance camera were stolen, authorities say.

Franklin E. Welzbacher, Jr., 43, of the 5200 block of Rue Chartres in Haughton, returned the items when Bossier sheriff’s deputies explained how they saw him on camera committing the burglary.

Welzbacher then told deputies that he had a conversation with his neighbor, whom he says had given him permission to borrow the paint brush.

But Welzbacher had nothing else to say when the deputy asked why he also stole the camera, authorities report.

Now Welzbacher is being held in Bossier Maximum-Security Facility at Plain Dealing on a charge of simple burglary. His bond has been set at $10,000.

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