Team Jonesboro proposal moves forward, Johnson Ave. renaming resolution tabled

Team Jonesboro proposal moves forward, Johnson Ave. renaming resolution tabled

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Jonesboro’s city council meeting Tuesday night had a full audience as they discussed two interesting agenda items.

The council held the first reading on a proposal to rename Johnson Avenue to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue.

It was first presented at the June 4 city council meeting.

Several citizens on both sides of the issue voiced their opinions to the council.

Those who spoke against the proposal said they weren’t against naming a street in honor of Dr. King, but were against renaming Johnson Avenue due to how well established the road is.

Those for the resolution argued that renaming this particular street would be a pivotal point for the community, saying the street has been considered the divide between north and south Jonesboro.

The council has decided to table the resolution until the Sept. 17 council meeting, with plans to create a committee to find a solution to Jonesboro not having a street named after the civil rights activist.

Council Member David McClain is among those sponsoring the resolution. He hopes the creation of a committee will allow the public and the council to find a location both sides agree on.

“Hopefully we’ll have a committee set up that will allow us to have citizen input as well as some council members, to have the opportunity to find a location suitable for everybody,” said McClain.

Team Jonesboro’s ordinances were also on the agenda Tuesday, making the second reading for the proposed sales tax increase.

The council voted to move the ordinances on to a third reading.

That reading will take place at the next scheduled city council meeting on July 2.

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