City employee accidentally set off tornado sirens

City employee accidentally set off tornado sirens

BROOKLAND, Ark. (KAIT) - Storm sirens sounded Tuesday night in one Region 8 town, but there was no threat of a tornado.

Brookland Mayor Kenneth Jones said it was a mistake by a city employee that caused the confusion.

An employee, who also volunteers as a firefighter and a storm spotter, tried to program the city’s siren frequency into his personal radio.

The purpose was to make sounding the sirens in a real emergency as easy as possible.

But, while programming the radio, he set off the sirens accidentally.

“He was trying to program our siren signal into it, so when he’s out spotting and sirens need to be set off and I can’t be reached or somebody can’t be reached, he can, as an employee, do that,” Jones said. “He was just trying to prepare to better protect our citizens.”

Though Jones said he understands the thought behind the plan, having the city's frequency on a personal radio is against policy.

Jones said he'll be going over city policies with all employees to make sure the same mistake doesn't happen again.

The employee’s name and any disciplinary actions have not been released because it is a personnel matter.

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