Man rescued from trash heap in Ohio says he was attacked and thrown in dumpster

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ohio (WHIO/CNN) – Kacie Boring broke off her engagement with Damien Pollock two weeks ago.

She said the couple called it quits over “a personal reason,” but she still wears her ring.

"We were planning on starting a family, getting a house,” she said. “We planned our whole life together."

She was clearly shaken Wednesday when she spoke about what police said Pollock told them about how he ended up in a pile of trash at a solid waste transfer facility in Moraine, Ohio, on Tuesday morning.

"He didn't deserve this,” Boring said. “He did not deserve to go through what he went through."

Pollock was seconds from being swept away, maybe buried alive by a front loader.

But then, a driver noticed him in a load that had just been dumped from a truck and called 911.

A Moraine police report shows Pollock told police a group of 12 people attacked him, then tried to set him on fire before tossing him into a dumpster in Springfield, Ohio.

When Pollock was in the dumpster, he said he heard a revolver cocking.

Pollock said he thought the group was going to kill him if it hadn’t been for the dumpster.

Police said Pollock does not have any burns. Officers, however, said he did have some scrapes and possible internal injuries, but they couldn’t tell if he suffered those from an assault, or from the garbage truck.

When asked about Pollock’s story, Sgt. Mike Keegan of the Moraine Police Department said, "We're trying to find out whether that's true or not."

Springfield police are also looking into his claims.

Boring said she doesn’t know why anyone would want to hurt her ex.

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