Levee is not closing in Pemiscot County

Protecting fields around levees in Pemiscot County

CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. (KFVS) -Is the levee closed in Pemiscot County? A social media post by a local police department Police has many thinking that it is.

Charles Davis with the St. Francis Levee District is talking about a story titled “Levee Closing” shared by the Portageville Police Department. He said the levee’s not closed, but there are areas closed to public.

“The article in the paper about the levee being closed is a little misleading,” Davis said. “What this pertains to is the farm side that is on the riverside of our levee and you do have to cross our levee to get over there.”

They’re asking the public to stay away from the area for their own safety and to save what’s left of the fields.

“They get in there and damage the fields and at this point at late as it is there’s nothing planted its very important,” he said.

Paul Shaw is the public works director in Caruthersville. He said there are streets caving in and clogged sewers. The good news is, the water’s going down.

“At this point we’re at $4 million worth of damage," he said. "We’re just hoping it keeps going down we want to be back to normal and see the damage stop happening.”

Resident Bradley Haynes said he’s just glad he can sit out here at the fishing access area again.

“I think about the other places news stories I’ve heard from like Arkansas and I’m glad we’re not there yet,” Haynes said.

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