Foul smell takes over the city of Batesville

Foul smell takes over the city of Batesville

BATESVILLE, Ark. (KAIT) - A foul smell is taking over the city of Batesville and it’s coming from two large poultry plants, officials said Friday.

Peco and Ozark Mountain Poultry factories sit right next to another off the White River and they have been causing the city some trouble. This week at a city council meeting, Mayor Rick Elumbaugh said he has continued talks with the companies to keep the air pollution and quality of life safe for all residents.

And according to him, one of the factories has already ordered several thousand dollars’ worth of new equipment.

He made it clear, that he’s happy to have them but will hold them accountable.

“We have had good conversations with both companies, and they are diligently working to improve their waste water system. We want them to be a good partner and they have been,” Elumbaugh said.

The city has spent $50 million on their sewer system, so they are willing to offer solutions for the companies even a third-party engineer.

The mayor said the smell did not happen overnight and it will not disappear overnight. There isn’t a concrete date set to when it will, but he hopes within three to four months there will be true progress made.

“City of Batesville in the last 10 years has really made a lot of progress in the quality of life and the quality of place. We want to make our community a beautiful facility, a safe facility,” Elumbaugh said.

The mayor estimates that they have at least a couple million in payroll so their presence definitely benefits the economy in Batesville in all shapes of form, so working with the factories as partners is a priority.

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