Jonesboro’s Veterans Village attracts attention from state officials

Veterans Village used as example across Arkansas

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - A project in Jonesboro is catching the attention of state officials, even bringing the commissioner of state lands to Region 8.

It's all about the Veterans Village project.

Region 8 News reported back in February that Jonesboro city officials announced a $1 million grant to help fund the effort.

It will be a neighborhood of single-person and multi-family homes, specifically for housing homeless veterans in the area.

The purpose is to give back to people who have sacrificed so much in service to our country.

And it’s a concept that the Commissioner of State Lands wants to introduce in other parts of the state, too.

“One thing that’s great about this project is that it helps our veterans reconnect with society,” Tommy Land said. “And that’s what I’d like to see done in other communities around the state of Arkansas.”

The State Land Commissioner's office deals with tax delinquent real estate, and they already have a donation program in place.

Land said he hopes to use that program to help other cities across the state gain land to jump start their own veterans village.

As for Jonesboro's Veterans Village, Mayor Harold Perrin said the environmental inspection was approved just recently, and he hopes to bring the matter before city council to approve before they start construction.

At that point, the city will have 18 months to finish the project.

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