Group works to keep golf course as historic site

Group works to keep golf course as historic site
Carl Hines plays golf at War Memorial Golf Course in Little Rock. The 89-year-old man is working to help save the course as a historic site. (Source: KARK-TV)

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KAIT/KARK) - A golf course in the state’s capital city not only has opportunities for golfers but history as well, supporters say as they attempt to keep the course open.

According to a report from Little Rock television station KARK, a group is working to keep War Memorial Golf Course open.

The course, supporters say, was the first golf course in the state to allow African-Americans to play in the 1940s.

Carl Hines, who is 89, said he plays golf there every day.

“This is the first course that blacks have played on,” Hines told KARK. “I would say it’s history.”

Hines’ daughter, Carla Coleman, said she is working to collect documents to show the historical significance of the course, with both African-American and veterans history.

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