School looks to get safer with upcoming school year

School to get additional SRO

BROOKLAND, Ark. (KAIT) - One local school looked to upgrade their safety by working with the city to hire a second school resource officer.

The Brookland School District and city are working together to hire a new SRO for the upcoming school year.

The city is hiring the person, but the school is paying the salary.

Mayor Kenneth Jones said he’s happy with the work that’s getting done.

“Our school called us and asked us to hire another officer through the city,” Jones said. “We’re excited to support the school and we just look forward to it.”

According to the mayor, it’s a necessary action.

“We need this,” Jones said. “We need this so our kids feel safe, our parents feel safe sending their kids to our school. We pray nothing ever happens here but it’s just crazy out there.”

With the new hire, the school will have a total of two SROs on campus.

Applications for the position are available until June 24. Then, the city will pick a proper fit for the position.

For application inquiries, contact the Brookland City Hall at (870) 935-0538.

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