Quorum court discusses Bono Lake erosion issues, CSU creates 40 jobs

Quorum court discusses Bono Lake erosion issues, CSU creates 40 jobs

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, Ark. (KAIT) - There was a full quorum court agenda Monday night, as officials talked about several topics Region 8 News has been following.

One of the biggest issues was the Bono Lake Dam.

County Judge Marvin Day got a letter from a state agency with concerns about erosion.

It's a problem officials have dealt with for years, Judge Day saying the soil at Bono Lake is too silky and prone to erosion.

A consulting engineer surveyed the dam and the county is waiting for a recommendation letter on exactly how to fix it and how much it will cost.

But right now, Day is expecting chemical treating of the soil that could run anywhere from $100,000 to $250,000.

"I feel comfortable that if we can get a good job on this chemical addition that this should fix it forever and really take care of the thing," Day said.

One quorum court member mentioned looking into grant opportunities to help offset some of the costs, but Judge Day said time is the big issue, as it's something that needs to be fixed sooner rather than later.

Quorum court members also mentioned another big Crisis Stabilization Unit update.

Mid-South Health Systems started Monday advertising for the future job opportunities at the facility, which Day said includes 40 full-time, quality-paying positions.

"You know, I was just real proud of that, that we were able to do that," Day said. "And they're good jobs, doctors and therapists, so we're real excited for that."

It’s been a huge community effort as well.

Day announced two more donations contributing to the facility, including one business donating office furniture for the CSU and two JP's donating labor to make all of the beds for the facility.

Day also said the ribbon cutting for the CSU is set for Sept. 12th.

And, a new ordinance we first told you about two weeks ago passed Monday night.

The new subdivision ordinance’s purpose is to clear up some confusion on privately owned roads.

Discussion at the meeting centered around wanting to keep the balance of protecting the county and not hindering future development.

Through an emergency clause, the ordinance passed unanimously on its first reading.

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