Deputies see growing issue causing fire hazards and pollution

Deputies see growing issue causing fire hazards and pollution

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, Ark. (KAIT) - A growing problem in Craighead County is causing consistent fire hazards and pollution.

Reports of illegal dump sites are increasing and, in many cases, police are responding to the same spots multiple times.

Just last week, firefighters responded to a trash fire on County Road 4021.

It ended up being an illegal dump site behind a business that crews have responded to in years past.

It's a problem that Craighead County Sheriff's deputies are seeing more and more.

Not only is it illegal, but it's putting people that live and work in those areas at risk.

“The material normally sits and smolders, it’s lots of plastics and things like that, so it’s hard to put out,” Environmental Officer Randy Sharp said. “A lot of people throw out TVs, tires, chemicals, trash, then when it ignites, no one knows what the side effects are of burning those, and all those things, the gases and the chemicals, it leaks off in the air and into the ground, then it sets the woods on fire or fields on fire, which then affects houses and neighborhoods.”

When the sheriff's office gets calls about illegal dump sites, deputies go out to investigate the site and gather evidence that may lead to a suspect.

If you’re caught dumping or burning trash, expect a citation and the responsibility of cleaning it up.

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