Campers build wheelchair ramp, other projects for people in need

Campers build wheelchair ramp, other projects for people in need

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - A church camp happening in Region 8 is all about serving others.

Campers only have three days to work, but that short time leaves a huge impact.

It's all part of a statewide camp called the Ozark Mission Project.

They host summer camps all across Arkansas, including one right here in Jonesboro at the Cornerstone United Methodist Church.

More than 70 kids take on 19 projects that make one huge impact.

"This is a way of connecting them to our neighbors," Lead Pastor Kathleen McMurray said. "And it's a way of connecting them to one another and to God."

Working in and around the Jonesboro area, one of the projects the sixth and seventh graders are working on this year is a wheelchair ramp for Quinetta James.

"She had a porch, but it had stairs coming off of it," McMurray said. "And she is in a wheelchair."

"I had a hard time getting to the car when I had to go to the doctor," James said.

It's a struggle that became a daily routine for James.

"I got somebody to push me," James said.

But, after only three days, she’ll be able to roll herself down the ramp.

"It's going to help me out a lot," James said.

James is just one of the many neighbors seeing the impact from the camp.

For McMurray, it’s the impact on the kids that’s her favorite part of hosting.

"I love seeing growth in the kids as they realize what it means to serve," McMurray said. "I love seeing the excitement when they say oh my goodness I built something."

The same tools that are building a ramp for James are building character in the campers.

“It teaches them about servant hood, about compassion for other people,” McMurray said. “It teaches them about hard work and teamwork.”

"I told them, the Lord is going to bless them," James said.

Ozark Mission Project hires and trains college students to help work the camps across the state.

And McMurray said they plan to continue hosting this camp for years to come.

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