Cooking matters at the store

Cooking matters at the store
(Source: UAMS Center on Aging)

POCAHONTAS, Ark. (KAIT) -What you’re cooking in your home begins to matter when you’re in the store buying your food.

What items you choose from the price, to the amount and down to the brand will make a difference in your body and your pocketbook.

UAMS Center on Aging Northeast teamed up with the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas and the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance to help Region 8 residents get the most for their buck.

UAMS got a grant from the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation for around $3,000.

That money was used to create a program to educate the public.

(Source: UAMS Center on Aging)

On Monday, July 1, representatives gathered at Harp’s grocery in Pocahontas. There they offered customers a free $10 gift card to visit stations they had set up throughout the store.

Each station represented a diferent food group with helpful information on how to shop on a budget, how to preserve products, healthy eating and reserve pricing.

Samantha Hollis with UAMS said they were able to pass on some valuable information.

“As a nurse, I tend to always focus on health,” Hollis said. “I have a son who needs me to be there for him. The best way I can do that is to take care of myself and stay healthy. Today we had a number of diabetics come through. We were able to talk to them about the type of diabetes they had and give them advice on what would work with their health issues.”

Hollis said they’ve focused on reaching people in rural areas.

“After they were finished going through the stations they did a post survey about the experience,” Hollis said. “They seemed pleased with what they had learned. They especially liked the recipes they were given and excited to try them. They were hungry for information.”

Around 80 to 90 people went through the stations.

Hollis said this is not the last event.

They plan to hold more in the future, but don’t have a date set yet.

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