All call for Jonesboro City Integrity Council for proposed sales tax

Jonesboro citizens to vote on proposed sales tax

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin said the city is now accepting applications for the City Integrity Council, a nine-member committee, that would help oversee the selection of projects if the 1-percent sales tax increase vote is passed in September.

Jonesboro voters will decide whether or not to increase the city’s sales tax, after a series of ordinances proposed by Team Jonesboro were passed by the city council.

One of the ordinances calls for a 1-percent sales tax increase, and another calls for a special election for the tax.

“I feel fantastic about it,” Team Jonesboro Representative Scott McDaniel said. “I think that speaks to the will of the people, the people really want this or at least they want an opportunity to vote on it.”

“If they don’t give us time, in fact, by rushing this up, they fairly well guaranteed I’m going to vote no,”said James Elwyn Hinds, a Jonesboro resident. “We’re not going to get those answers in that little period of time, but if we had another six months, maybe.”

Team Jonesboro issued a news release that said the money raised from the tax increase would help fund investments in public safety and amenities for the public.

Also passed is an ordinance that would create the Integrity Oversight Council.

A resident, who must be 18 years old to apply, can apply at the city’s website, until July 19.

That committee will hold regular meetings to develop plans, vet projects, recommend funding levels for projects, and publish public financial accounting reports.

The three ordinances will not take effect for 30 days, and in the mean time, officials are working out details like when some public meetings will be held and how and when the oversight council will be formed.

“I want to get it done on a time table, and I know it’s going to be tight,” Mayor Harold Perrin said. “I’d like to go ahead and get those to the Rules and Nominating Committee and on to the council, so they can vote on whoever we come up with on the names.”

The sales tax, if passed would sunset in 12 years and raise an estimated $18 million dollars a year to be split equally between public safety and amenities, Team Jonesboro said.

The election will be scheduled for Sept., 10 of this year.

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