Funeral home driver in carpool lane: ‘He doesn’t count in the back?’

(CNN) - The Nevada Highway Patrol reminded drivers after a recent traffic stop that, when it comes to the HOV lane, dead people don't qualify.

The answer came Monday, when Trooper Travis Smaka pulled over a driver on Interstate 15 who was driving a Chrysler minivan alone in the HOV lane.

The suspect then told Smaka he wasn't truly by himself - he was transporting a corpse in the back.

“So he doesn’t count in the back?” asked the driver, CNN reported.

'He doesn't count in the back?': Hearse driver in HOV lane pulled over

Smaka told the funeral home worker that additional car occupants must have a pulse.

The understanding trooper let the driver go with a warning.

"It just threw me off. That was more of the more interesting responses I've gotten," Smaka told CNN.

And just in case you're wondering, animals don't count as additional occupants, either.

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