Emergency crews in Virginia use dish soap, oil to rescue cat with head stuck in a grate

Cat recovers after getting its head stuck in a storm grate

LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ/Gray News) - A cat is still recovering after he was rescued from a storm drain over the weekend in Lexington, according to a report from WDBJ.

The cat, now affectionately called Stormy, is still shaken after getting his head stuck in a cast-iron grate.

“I honestly do not know how he got his head through this," Veterinarian Dr. Eileen Whitten said.

A woman, Elyse Sensabaugh was walking to her car when she saw something on the ground. At first, she thought it was a toy, until the cat moved its eyes.

She called police and firefighters who came out to help. However, after greasing up the cat’s neck with dish detergent and oil, they still couldn’t get him free.

"The cat was actually hanging from his head in the storm drain. He was trying to come up from underneath it," said Wes Harlow, a firefighter.

The first responders called in backup from the Edgewater Animal Hospital in Buena Vista.

Dr. Whitten brought a sedative to relax the cat, but the group still struggled to pull him out.

"We didn't know how we were going to get him out when he didn't just slip out. I mean he really was stuck," Whitten said.

"We were worried that if we started cutting the grate it would heat up and hurt the cat even more," Harlow said.

After an hour and a half of work, they were finally able to get the cat free.

On Monday, Stormy is still in critical condition, being treated at Edgewater Animal Hospital.

Stormy is a feral cat, so it is unclear at this point if he will be able to be adopted if he does fully recover from this traumatic incident.

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