Local churches become World Changers in Region 8 communities

Local churches become World Changers in Region 8 communities

(KAIT) - A group of local churches is working hard this week, helping their communities in more than one way.

The Current-Gaines Baptist Association is a group of about 24 churches in Northeast Arkansas.

They’ve taken inspiration from helping with missions in other parts of the country and have brought it back home to help their own communities.

Daniel Plemons, project coordinator, got the inspiration from working with Lifeway’s World Changers mission trips.

“We’ve heard it over and over again, ‘Why are you going away when we’ve got the need in our own association?’ Well, now we’re doing it,” said Plemons.

World Changers: Home Edition is a way for the Current-Gaines Baptist Association to give back to their communities.

They’re using volunteers from 11 different youth groups to work on homes in need.

“I feel like it shows that we’re spreading God’s love and that we are out there to put out God’s word and help them and it shows,” said youth group volunteer McKenzi Mustread.

On Wednesday, different groups started work on 5 different projects.

The work ranged from trimming trees and painting, to completely removing and replacing a concrete walkway.

“It’s just fantastic with just the opportunity of Him allowing us to do this,” said Plemons.

And Plemons hopes these projects affect the kids as well as the homeowners.

“I hope they get the understanding of what it means to serve and what that means and looks like," Plemons said.

The association raised over $10,000 to fund their projects.

They’ll work all day Friday and Saturday to finish all five projects, then end with a celebration on Sunday.

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