Sheriff’s office captain terminated

Sheriff’s office captain terminated
Internal investigation started Monday on Captain Becky Hitt.

POINSETT CO., Ark. (KAIT) - The Poinsett County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Captain Mary Rebecca O’Guinn Hitt, who also goes by Becky Hitt, has been terminated.

According to Sheriff Kevin Molder, an internal investigation started Monday and Hitt was placed on administrative leave.

Molder said once the investigation was completed, Hitt was fired.

According to a 38-page file obtained Thursday by Region 8 News, the situation began June 23 when an inmate was sent to a medical facility with a hold placed on the inmate for Poinsett County.

The internal investigation report noted Chief Deputy Steven Rorex checked the jail roster on July 8 and that the inmate was back in jail on new charges.

“Chief Deputy called the medical facility to see why we were not notified of his release. Chief Deputy spoke to the medical facility and was told they called at 10:06 on 7-1-2019 and was advised, by someone, the inmate was no longer in the custody of Poinsett County,” the notes from the report read.

Rorex then had recorded calls pulled and sent to him.

"Two calls: (1) Administrative Assistant Patricia Marshall answered the incoming call. She told the medical facility it would be 2:00 before we could pick the inmate up. (2) Mrs. Marshall called the medical facility back and told them, “her Captain said the inmate was no longer in the custody of Poinsett County.”

Rorex then spoke with Marshall and confirmed it was Hitt, who told her the inmate, whose name has not been released, was not longer in custody, the notes show.

Rorex met with Hitt July 9 and placed her on administrative leave, with Hitt being terminated July 11.

The investigative report also noted there were multiple times in which the inmate was in jail that Hitt tried to get him released on his own recognizance.

“Captain Hitt was told by the Judge not to try to get him out anymore. Chief Deputy Rorex also advised her not to try to get him out again,” the notes revealed.

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