Craighead Co. health inspections: July 5-11

Craighead Co. health inspections: July 5-11
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - During the week of July 5-11, Craighead County health inspectors visited 17 local establishments.

Here’s a look at the critical violations they reported:

Establishment Name Address Date Type Critical Violations
Ed’s Catfish 5323 E. Nettleton 7-9 Follow-up None
El Acapulco 1701 E. Highland 7-5 Follow-up None
Familie Tiez Mentoring & Outreach 1426 E. Washington 7-9 Follow-up None
Jonesboro Empowerment Academy 4615 E. Nettleton 7-8 Routine None
Kids Kingdom Child Care Center 1507 E. Matthews 7-9 Routine None
Kidsney Zone 2723 E. Nettleton 7-10 Routine None
Love’s Travel Stop #607 5101 E. Parker 7-9 Routine Open-air cold-holding unit cold holding foods at 41F and above, discontinue use of this equipment, unit shall be repaired or replaced for correction. Interior surfaces of soda fountain nozzles have organic build up, this is food contact and shall be kept cleaned and sanitized, corrected by cleaning and sanitizing interior surfaces.
Panera Bread 2213 Stadium 7-11 Routine None
Red Lobster #6371 2642 Stadium 7-5 Routine Observed food uncovered in walk in cooler. Food to be covered to prevent contamination. Corrected on site. Observed seasoning with lid off. Food should be covered to prevent contamination. Corrected on site. Observed fruit stored in a ice bath container with no ice. Potentially hazardous foods to be kept at 41F or below. Observed chemicals stored on prep table. Chemicals to be kept away from food prep surfaces. Corrected on site.
Ron’s Catfish 3213 Dan 7-5 Follow-up None
Sonic Drive Inn 3330 E. Nettleton 7-8 Routine Observed prep cooler, walk-in cooler, and reach-in cooler holding potentially hazardous foods at above 41 F. Potentially hazardous foods to be held at 41 F or below. Observed sliced fruit being held at above 41 F in ice bath. Level of ice must be equal to level of food in container.
Target Store T-1919 3000 E. Highland 7-5 Routine None
Trim Gym Schmoozie 1916 Race 7-10 Routine Cleaner in spray bottle not labeled, all toxic substances shall be identified, corrected by labeling cleaner.
Tropical Smoothie Café 2007-A E. Nettleton 7-8 Routine None
Tropical Sno 3198 Southwest 7-8 Routine Wash hands any time contamination could have occurred, when changing tasks, and as described in the Arkansas Rules and Regulations Pertaining To Food Establishments section 2-301.
Walmart Supercenter 45-Deli/Bakery 1815 E. Highland 7-8 Routine Observed hand wash sink in deli that hot water foot pedal has broken off. Hot water is to be available at all times at hand wash sink. Observed build up of food debris in chicken oven. Clean food contact and non food contact areas of oven.
Walmart Supercenter 45-Food Store 1815 E. Highland 7-8 Routine Observed raw eggs stored over ready to eat foods in Walk in cooler. Raw foods to be kept below or away from ready to eat foods. Corrected on site. Observed hand wash sink cluttered and inaccessible. A handwashing sink shall be maintained so that it is accessible at all times for employee use, and do not use for purposes other than handwashing. Corrected on site. Observed chemicals stored above food in food storage area. Chemicals to be stored below or away from food. Corrected on site.

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