Batesville gives property owners 30 days to tear down buildings

Batesville wants to get rid of unsightly areas

BATESVILLE, Ark. (KAIT) - In Independence County, the city of Batesville wants to put an end to unsightly properties.

During a city council meeting on July 9, city officials discussed five properties they would like to see out of sight.

Those properties are:

- 151 West Main St.

- 823 Elm St.

- 490 Hawkins St.

- 492 Ferrell St.

- 410 Lilly St.

One of them sits in the historic district of the city. The Adler Building, a former opera house sits on the lower end of Main Street.

It has sat vacant for years. We even reported on the back of the building collapsing back in 2018.

The building has broken windows and is even covered in graffiti.

Batesville Mayor Rick Elumbaugh said the city was reluctant to put it on the list of condemnation, but safety come first.

“We do feel like it could be salvageable, but it’s to the point right now that… it’s just a time that we feel like for the safety of our citizens we are going to have to do something,” Elumbaugh said.

All five landowners have received a notice of the nuisance. They each have 30 days to either salvage these properties or tear them down, officials said.

If no action is made the city will tear it down, and there will be a tax lien placed on the property.

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