A Better Region 8: Waving the white flag on the Bono Lake project

A Better Region 8: Bono Lake

(KAIT) -We all have to be willing to be bold and try new things.

We and, I guess, civilization, never advance if we don’t.

In fact, it was President Kennedy who pointed to the moon and said let’s go there in a matter of years, and we did.

And then there are times when we think to go boldly where no man has gone before.

We begin to evaluate the idea and see red flags, and we ignore them.

The project is a failure but we stay with it because we feel compelled.

If we just keep trying, just a little more time.

Just a little more money, and it’ll work.

Deep down, though, we know it won’t.

That brings me to the Bono Lake project.

Conceptually, a great idea, in reality, it’s been a disaster.

It’s time to move on and drain the lake before we end up wasting more taxpayer money.

Construction went from $4.1 million to over $5 million.

The dirt at the site is not good dam-building material.

Engineers told the county this before it was built.

The dirt at the lake is also the kind that likes to run off into the water.

The lake will always be muddy and will eventually turn into a shallow, silty pond if it lasts that long.

The county needs more money, as much as $250,000, to keep the water from eroding the dam.

Again, that was known before and as the dam was being built.

There was such a rush to get the lake finished that red flags were ignored.

And it will continue to be a money pit, literally, as long as it’s there.

It’s time to face reality.

Let’s cut our losses and move on.

And it’s a shame.

Craighead County doesn’t have a state park.

And Jonesboro needs another large park, but the current Bono Lake project is not it.

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