City looking at using solar energy

City looking at using solar energy

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. (KAIT) - The city of Walnut Ridge is looking into solar panels to help save on energy costs.

The city created a committee that will work with Entegrity to come up with a plan to possibly save on energy for city-owned buildings.

The plan could also include partnering with the school or a neighboring town.

Mayor Charles Snapp said if the plan shows the city could save money, they’d be able to use that money somewhere else.

“Anytime you could run a more efficient business or city government, it gives you money to spend other places,” said Snapp. “Or if it was so needed you could even pay off debt with the savings, things of that nature.”

Snapp said the savings could go toward quality of life improvements like the city park, roads, or drainage.

The city is still a long way from actually signing on for anything though, right now they’re just in the research stage.

The next update will be at August’s regularly scheduled city council meeting.

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